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Real Estate. Domènec

Israel / Palestine 2006-2007.

Tel Aviv Artists’ Studio, Tel Aviv, May 2007 and La Capella, Barcelona, September 2007

Wooden structure with sign, printed material and four DVDs.

Publication: Real Estate.  Free printed material, unlimited copies, 20 pages. Black and white, 23.5 x 33.2 cm.

4 DVD: Real Estate #1. 23’41’’, Real Estate #2. 8’01’’, Real Estate #3. 10’37’’, Real Estate #4. 5’45’.

Production: JCVA Jerusalem Center for the Visual Arts and La Capella and Institut de Cultura de Barcelona with the collaboration of Can Xalant, Centre de Creació i Pensament Contemporani de Mataró.

Real Estate is the result of a long process of delving into the Israeli/Palestinian problem and began in late 2006 following an invitation from the Jerusalem Center for the Visual Arts to carry out a period of residency in Jerusalem and was continued in subsequent visits in 2006 and 2007.

The Real Estate installation is presented as a pretend real estate sales office which offers a series of materials (photographs, videos, interviews, free printed material…) which attempt to be visual proof of the complex, problematic relationship within the territory and housing in this context and to show how architecture and urban planning are part of a war strategy staged by the state of Israel within the context of Palestine occupation and these in fact these become one of the most effective systems of domination.

An advertising supplement for “Real Estate” can usually be found in Friday’s editions of the Israel’s newspapers. In these colourful supplements it is quite common to find advertisements for affordable apartments and suburban houses; it is often only after reading the small print that one notices that these houses lie within the Occupied Palestine Territories and are in fact illegal buildings according to international treaties.

This project’s ironic use of the title Real Estate aims to highlight the colonial relationship of “property” which the State of Israel and part of Israeli society holds regarding the Occupied Palestine Territories.