······································································· Roulotte:03
······································································· JAMAC. Mônica Nador
······································································· Atlantida / Instant City. José Miguel de Prada Poole
······································································· Working Title: Public Spirit. Terence Gower
······································································· Urban Fiction. Pia Rönicke
······································································· Loop Feedback Loop: The Big Picture of Traffic Control In Los Angeles. CLUI
······································································· Les petjades de la història. Francesc Abad
······································································· baggage roulotte:03. Rirkrit Tiravanija

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Roulotte is on the road again. Again it is deciding its route while on the move without previously checking any maps; but Roulotte has one other characteristic: the stops it makes are just as important as the distance covered. When Roulotte moves it goes into areas where it detects critical involvement and attempts to contribute to di-sseminating them. When Roulotte makes a stop, in the protection of the shade it insists on organizing materials and historic research. Roulotte:03 compiles works of both genres, showing just as there is no set routes, time is also shaped according to how it is evoked in the present.

The JAMAC project is a small scale intervention model through which to contribute to developing the capacity to manage in a quotidian context. We have recovered the works by de Prada Poole from over thirty years ago, not just to pay mere homage but as a unique initiative which is liable to be mulled over as a project. We reproduce a number of critical research papers by Terence Gower and Francesc Abad on very specific historic contexts. The fiction devised by Pia Rönicke is a conscientiously ambiguous game regarding how our future can be ima-gined according to past utopias. CLUI, in turn, offers a reading on technical management of the territory to question its virtues.

The baggage on this Roulotte is a specific work specially prepared by Rirkrit Tiravanija for the occasion.

(July 2007)