······································································· Roulotte:01
······································································· Immaginare Corviale. Osservatorio Nomade
······································································· Unmik Titanik / Pretty Dyana. Boris Mitic
······································································· Freeload - Dennis Adams
······································································· Photographer Unknown. Michal Heiman
······································································· Prototype of Space / Refuge for the Rat Men. Josep-Maria Martín
······································································· baggage roulotte:01. Jens Haaning

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Nowadays it is no longer effective to differentiate between places where teaching, production, exhibitions and documentation can be carried out. All these possibilities are no longer different moments in the sequence of contemporary culture but, rather, overlap into just one complex situation where the circulation of data and the joining of agents and materials prevail. Roulotte is a space where this type of exercise can be carried out. It compiles information on specific  projects, reformats it to make it more understandable and expansive, combines it with other materials which to date have been associated with it and, above all, allows one to begin an experience with dialogues among those taking part in each issue.

Roulotte is not so much a magazine but rather a project which turns the traditional concept of exhibition into a mobile experience. In the same publication diverse works come together which, since they are made portable, become material for a permanent ungovernable circulation.

Each issue of Roulotte includes material concerning initiatives, works or projects regardless of their real degree of execution. Nowadays it is not only effective that which has been sanctioned by a conventional circuit, but that which actively participates in a reflection on the present. So as to promote access to a range of contributions of this nature and in contrast to the constant invitation to immediate consumption, Roulotte gives priority to its interest in works committed to the contexts where they have been made and provides detailed information.

This first issue contains projects with very different registers by Osservatorio Nomade, Dennis Adams, Josep M. Martín, Michal Heiman and Boris Mitic. On the other hand, Jens Haaning has salvaged a work from the first issue of Baggage Roulotte, the supplement which will accompany each issue of this travelling artifact.

(may, 2006)